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Frequency Converters

Frequency converter, also known as a frequency changer, is a device that takes incoming power, normally 50 or 60 Hz and converts it to 400 Hz output power. Different types of power frequency converters exist, specifically, there are both rotary frequency converters and solid state frequency converters. Rotary frequency converters use electrical energy to drive a motor. Solid state frequency converters take incoming alternating current (AC) and converts it to direct current (DC).
What is the purpose of a power frequency converter for commercial utility?

Standard commercial utility power is alternating current (AC) power. AC refers to the number of cycles per second (‘hertz” or Hz) that the power fluctuates, positive and negative, around a neutral datum. Two standards exist in the world, 50 hertz and 60 hertz. 50 Hz is prevalent in Europe, Asia and Africa, while 60 Hz is the standard in most of North America and some random countries (Brazil, Saudi Arabia, South Korea) around the world.

There is no inherent advantage to one frequency over another frequency. But there can be significant disadvantages. Problems occur when the load being powered is sensitive to the input power frequency. For example, motors spin at a multiple of the power frequency. Thus, a 60 Hz motor will spin at 1800 or 3600 RPM. However, when 50 Hz power is applied, the RPM is 1500 or 3000 RPM. Machines tend to be speed sensitive, so the power to run them must correspond to the design RPM intended. Thus, a typical piece of European machinery needs 50 Hz input, and if it runs in the United States, a 60-to-50 Hz converter is required to convert the available60 Hz power to 50 Hz. The same applies vice versa to convert 50 Hz power to 60 Hz. While standard power ratings and capacities exist for frequency converters, our converters operate over a range of voltages from 100V to 600V. The most commonly specified voltages are 110V, 120V, 200V, 220V, 230V, 240V, 380V, 400V, and 480V. Because our standard and custom design capabilities can meet a range of power system needs, Georatoris your supplier forfrequencyto voltage converters.

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Approx. Rs 1.8 Lakh / Number Get Latest Price

Product Details:
Minimum Order Quantity1 Number
Output Voltage415V
PhaseSingle Phase, Three Phase
Input DC Voltage380V
Brand MakeSAKTHI

SAKTHI frequency converters under this category are single phase input & output, power capacity from 500 VA to 300 kVA.
By using a SAKTHI single phase frequency converter, you can

Convert 110V 60Hz to 220V 50Hz;
Convert 120V 60Hz to 240V 50Hz;
Convert 230V 50Hz to 115V 60Hz;Convert 110V 60Hz to 415V 50Hz;
Convert 220V 60Hz to 415V 50Hz;
Convert 230V 50Hz to 415V 60Hz;
10 kVA single phase 60 Hz to 50 Hz static frequency converter with pure sine wave output, convert 60Hz 120V (US) AC power source to 50Hz 240V (UK) in one step by inner step up transformer.

Product Features:


  • SAKTHI frequency converter is suitable for use with resistive, capacitive, inductive and non-linear loads.
  • 50Hz, 60Hz or 400Hz input frequency.
  • Adjustable 0 to 300VAC output voltage.
  • Adjustable 40.0 to 499.9Hz output frequency.
  • Precise 4 LED digital display output frequency, voltage, ampere and wattage.
  • Full galvanically isolated, no harmonic distortion (EMI, EMC).
  • Pure sine wave output.
  • Fast response time.
  • Sustained 300% overload capability.
  • IGBT/PWM technology enhances compact size, low noise and high reliability.
  • Capable to simulate global voltage, frequency power supplies.
  • SAKTHI frequency converters are equipped with electronic circuit/instant trip breaker/buzzer alarm for over voltage, over current, over temperature, output short circuit protection.

Sakthi electrical control manufacturing & Exporting Frequency converter for the past 15years and has a strong support for OEM buyers. Many valued customers have considered it fit to clarify our products as "top of the line". It has full technical competency in handling all the technical requirements of clients. Needless to mention, a strong backup team with years of experience has put-high reliability in the product in india & All over world .

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Additional Information:
  • Item Code: SAKTHIPC10
  • Production Capacity: 40
  • Delivery Time: 10DAYS

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Approx. Rs 2.9 Lakh / Number Get Latest Price

Product Details:
Minimum Order Quantity1 Number
PhaseSingle Phase, Three Phase

30 kVA pure sine wave 1 phase AC power frequency converter, change single phase 120V 60Hz to 240V 50Hz (vice versa) in one step by inner step up transformer for different equipment power system compatibilities.

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: SAKTHIFC30
  • Production Capacity: 30
  • Delivery Time: 10DAYS

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