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Energy Conservation

Energy conservation should be considered as the wise and efficient use of the available energy for achieving maximum activities with productive work and profitability. Thus the conservation does not mean the curtailment in energy-use at the expense of the industrial and economic growth. It means the efficient utilization of energy resources ensuring the same level of economic and industrial activity with less inputs of energy. Sakthi Projects is one of the leading power/energy saver in Coimbatore,Tamil Nadu. We are well equiped in energy/power saving equipments in Coimbatore,Tamil Nadu.

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is achieved when energy intensity in a specific product, process or area of production or consumption is reduced without affecting output, consumption or comfort levels.

Energy conservation

Energy conservation has become the catch word of every body, starting from the Government bureaucrats, technocrats to even general public. All concerns are thinking about the conservation of energy but only a few are conscious about the same. The whole gamut of energy related problems of Economic and Social Infrastructure of our societies now demands and deserves urgent, cogent and incisive consideration and attention for the improvisation of the present proactive of the consumption of energy, especially the Electrical Energy.

Under such circumstances, although the Government is expected to take measures to increase generation, the consumers also owe responsibility to utilize the energy conservatively and most judiciously. The optimum use of the electrical energy not only results in cash savings, but also improves the economy of the country substantially Thus there is urgent need for Energy Management and control, which ultimately concludes with the practice of Energy Conservation.

Why Energy Conservation?

Reduction in Natural Resources
Rise of Energy Demand
National Policy for Energy Security
Environmental Issues
Consciousness for Quality Life
Sustainable Development
Postpone zero availability date of Energy Sources for Future Generation

Electricity Used for…

Motion (motors consume 70%)
HVAC (heating, ventilation and. Air Conditioning)
Process Power Management
IT Equipment 



Centralized Energy Saver

Centralized Energy Saver

Rs 5,000  / PieceGet Best Price
Power1 KVA to 750 KVA
ApplicationPower Saver
Energy Consumption20 to 30%
Frequency50-60 Hz
Working Temperate15 deg C -60 deg C
We manufacture high quality Energy Saver For Centralized Lighting & Mixed Load.

  • Guaranteed Savings Around 25 % in Lighting Load (Savings depends on the input voltage).
  • Extends the Life span of luminaries & Chokes.
  • Improves Power factor.
  • Safe guards circuits from high voltage.
  • Maintenance Free life of over 15 Years.
  • Highest return on investment, hence payback would be as low as 6 to 9 months, based on usage.
  • 100 % value depreciable under income tax rules.

  • Rated in KVA, ranging from 1 KVA to 750 KVA in single phase and three phase.
  • It is framed with 16 gauge SWA CRCA sheet steel enclosure, duly powder coated, conforming to shade 631 of ISS
  • High Efficient Circular ( Tyrroidal ) Transformers, Efficiency @ 99.9%
  • Incoming Protection by MCCB of reputed make.
  • On load By Pass system is available.
  • Automatic Power Factor Controller ( A.P.F.C ) for Bigger Systems Available ( Optional ).
  • Automatic Tap changer or Mode changer (Optional)

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Battery Charger For Automotive Equip

Battery Charger For Automotive Equip

Rs 11,500  / PieceGet Best Price

Reliable Charger is a must for dedicated back up supply source for industrial control devices, starting of DG Sets. Series PABC chargers are having I C Controlled voltage monitoring circuitry for constant check on battery voltage and automatic selection of mode of charging. Till battery is fully charged, it is under BOOST mode ensuring quick charging . When battery reaches pre-set voltage, it is shifted to TRICKLE mode. it has heavy duty-double 
wound transformer, Full wave bridge rectifier, over load control, Protection against Battery reverse connection.

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