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Power Factor Correction Panel
Reasons why APFC Panels are needed :
In industry most of the load is inductive in nature which results in lagging power factor that is why there is loss and wastage of energy which results in high power bills and heavy penalties from electricity boards. If the load is uneven it is very difficult to maintain unity power factor. To overcome this difficulty APFC panel is used which maintains unity P.F.
Features And Applications :
High speed power factor correcting system are designed to compensate the reactive power of any load or equipment requireing P.F. correction within a one cycle of opearating frequency or time delay of 30 sec to 5 min after command signal from APFC controller.

Renders the distribution network more stable since there is no contactor switching causing high voltage transients, spikes, harmonics and other disturbances by applying zero cross over voltage switching ON and zero current switch OFF of the capacitors.

Prevents voltage drop and fickering reduces failures in highly sophisticated electronic equipments like PLCs. computers and other control systems.

Helps in reducing maximum demand and RKVAH consumption hence substantial reduction in monthly electricity triff.

It is highly suitable for spot welding applications where the reactive energy is to be compensated for a short period of 200 msec or less and for a number of times in a second.

Accurate power factor control even in the presence of harmonics.
Applications :
Textile Machineries | Printing Industry | Pharmaceutical Industry | CNC Machine | Hospitals | Film Industry | Food Processing industry | Resorts / Hostels / farm house | Engineering Plant | Automobile Industry | IT industry.
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APFC Panels
 APFC Panels
The SAKTHI is installing the digital energy meter for industrial consumers having load 20 HP and above, which has the provision of showing the PF and insisting to maintain the average power factor above 0.90 for LT and HT consumers.

For maintaining the power factor according to the load factor, proper capacity of capacitors is to be connected. The value of capacitors to be connected will vary with respect to load and its existing PF. There are two ways to maintain PF-


  • Fixing of capacitor at the load end permanently or at the mains. Generally which is recommended for the fixed load like pumps, fans etc. and it is not possible for the load which has variations in the load and PF.
  • The power factor can be maintained by installing Automatic Power Factor Control Panel (APFC Panel).
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RTPFC Panels
 RTPFC Panels
Real Time Power Factor Correction System
Panel (RTPFC): We manufacture APFC & RTPFC (thyristor based power factor correction panels) panel as per our customers’ requirement. Panel is available in both compartmental as well as non-compartmental construction. We have supplied single panels with 24 stage & 2000 kvar capacitors.

Applicationpower factor correction
Max. Rated currentup to 4000 amp. 65ka
System voltage440 volt
Rrated insulation voltage690 volt
Ambient temperature
50 degree c
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Power Factor Correction Panel
We put forth to our clients high performance Power Factor Correction Panel, which is widely valued for not only maintaining a high power factor but also eliminates the need for regular manual intervention. This panel is of great use to minimize loss and wastage of energy and heavy penalties by electricity boards. Our APFC panels are fully integrated with suitable APFC relay, switchgears, and capacitor banks to offer a complete solution to effectively eradicate lagging power factor. We offer these products in both manual as well as automatic control.
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